The policy of our company for human resources is an integral part of our basic principles. This policy is based on respect and complicity of employees while applying the procedures, rules and legislation. It is also characterised by the control and continuous upgrading of skills and performance of our staff. has setted up a methodological process that can identify and recognise the individual and collective skills in order to promote them. These skills are essential to meet its customers and improve its reputation. The culture of our company expresses the ambitions of our human resources policy which consist mainly of two main perspectives:
We hope one hand, to consolidate the attractiveness of our company in the eyes of employees to strengthen feelings of belonging and peaceful social atmosphere.
Secondly, we wish to highlight the effectiveness of human skills and follow them in their professional development along with ongoing training and continuous improvement. In fact, our attention was particularly drawn to and regularly looking for ways to improve working conditions and the lives of our employees primarily at the safety and the ergonomics of workstations. All this is to appease and satisfy the every need of our staff which is the foundation of our corporate culture. | Industrielle de Câblage et de Montage