Since its creation was dedicated in improving the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its clients. Its commitment has allowed it to significantly improve its monitoring indicators. is convinced that sustainability and prosperity lie in the continuous improvement of its performance as well as in the quality of its products and services that Leads it to put the customer at the center of these concerns. In order to lift the present and future challenges, has a quality approach oriented towards the following areas:
Increasing the satisfaction of its customers
Keeping your Clients.
Developing skills and qualifications.
Compressing the costs.
Increasing the efficiency. 
Having new market. agrees to put all the necessary resources to ensure the respect of the quality’s policy as good as achieving its objectives.
Therefore, implemented an ambitious investment plan that allows it to achieve its objectives and constantly raise the customer’s satisfaction.
Implementation rate of investment actions:
        Target: 90% | Total: 135%
Achievement rate of the strategic objectives:
        Target: 80% | Total: 60% | Industrielle de Câblage et de Montage