the-job solemnly promises to give all candidates equal opportunities, to address a fairly and objectively examine of all nominations. In this perspective, we have developed well-organised recruitment methods. A responsible person receives your application and thoroughly studies your record. If your profile corresponds to our request, the manager will contact you for a possible interview or to offer you another post.
Our approach in the talks consists of three essential steps: first, the candidate meets the HR manager, secondly the line manager and finally the responsible for the offered job. During the interview, the priority is to analyse the experience and psychology of job’s applicants to ensure their correspondence with the principles and the company’s score values. At the end of the interview, offers to applicants who have been selected working conditions that may attract them taking into account in one hand, the qualifications and experience of the candidates and on the other hand, the level of the position applied for.
We offer to the new recruits an integration course for an unlimited period allowing them to assimilate the objectives and challenges proposed by | Industrielle de Câblage et de Montage