Close invests for the future.

Dear Employees, Dear Customers, Dear Internet users,

Welcome to the website
Our Company has again demonstrated its potential. Our turnover is growing and reached 4.5 million Euros.
We finalised our presence in Zaouiet Djedidi-Beni Khalled with the creation of the annex 2
We continued to adapt our production tools and invested in our organisation.
Our market share is increasing. has already begun to adapt to this new context. It is important to step back and reflect on the Made progress.
We are confident about the future. relies on motivated teams as part of a proximity policy that is based on structures in direct contact with our customers.
Alongside these elements, I want to congratulate all of our employees who get involved with conviction and professionalism to the success of tomorrow.
On behalf of the team, I thank all those who, directly or indirectly, contribute to the success and development of the company.
Thank you for your confidence.

Dr | Industrielle de Câblage et de Montage